Five things you’ll hear as soon as you tell someone you cycle to work

“Oh, you cycled here?”

I always feel time slowing down as soon as I tell someone that I reached them by bike. I wonder what statement will come next.

Isn’t it dangerous?

This is by far the most common response I hear. I’ve answered it for friendsfor readersand for family. If this is the first thing people think when you tell them you cycled somewhere in the city, then it’s easy to see why there are not more cyclists.

Before you jump on a bike and try cycling in London for yourself, it does look rather dangerous. Fast moving traffic, without much space on the roads and hardly any protection. From the outside, you can see danger everywhere.

The reports of accidents and stories of near misses further that perception.

When I get asked “is cycling dangerous?” I tell people that I feel safe on my bike and that I’ve taken a private cycle training course that made a real difference to how I cycle.

I could never do that!

Isn’t it funny how quick we are to dismiss something as beyond us?

I’m guilty of the same. I see a roller-coaster and I think, I’d never ride that!

Yet, when I push myself to try it out, it’s not so bad after all, in fact, it’s rather good fun.

Cycling in London is the same. Unless people try it, they’ll not know what they are missing out on.

How long does it take?

This is a good question! I always think when someone asks me this it’s a good time to surprise them with how fast it is to cycle in London. “I can be on Oxford Street in 15 minutes!” I proudly boast.

In an experiment I did a while back I raced my bike against the London underground. The bike always won!

You can typically see the cogs ticking over in someone’s head as they work out how much extra time in bed that would mean for their commute.

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