Everyone wants to ‘Sit Up and Beg’ – on a bicycle I mean.

On occasion, a customer will phone me up to ask about a bike before they buy. One of their first questions, if looking at our Dutch bikes is, “Do i sit upright?” It’s a good question and it is great to be able to say, with absolute authority, “yes.”

Dutch style bikes such as ours give you this remarkable opportunity. They allow you to go through the rigours of cycling, but without losing your dignity or poise. You don’t need to wear spandex and you don’t need to ‘hump’ the bike. ‘Sit Up and Beg’ bicycles are glorious, they represent everything that represents gloriousness. They allow you wear normal clothes without having them shredded into confetti. They allow you cycle above the traffic fumes and bus exhausts. They let you ride with ease and with a straight back.

If this is the style of riding you want, then take a good look at our Modern Dutch Hybrid bikes (£199.95 delivered)!

Thank you